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Palmist Tariq Shaikh

Problems Treated by Rohani Ilaj

*Save your business problems with rohani ilaj
*For the happy married life
*Get a job of your wish
*Get rid of every kind of hindrance and hurdles of your life
*If you are haunted by bad souls
*Kala jadu (Black magic) removal
*Incurable disease can also be treated with rohani ilaj

Past life, events, happenings & mistakes
Present life and your current circumstances
Future life, opportunities, threats and precautions

Welcome to Palmist Tariq Sheikh

Tariq Sheikh is an Palmist & Rohani Scholar, Tarot cards Reader, Numerologist and gemologist. Working in Centaurus Mall Islamabad from last 06 years.

I also attend expos and events to give my services in foreign countries like UAE Malaysia, Thailand, China.  

Tariq Sheikh  carries a repute of one of the most senior fortune tellers in Pakistan. He is doing this occult science for the last 15 years. He has got clients all over the world.

Everything about you is registered in your hands. Your Health, Relationships, Children, Career, Income, Successes, Talents, Personality, Potential, Guardian Angels and much More.

By exploring the science of your hands, you’ll Learn how to navigate and steer your Life in the ‘Best Possible Direction’ and reach your Highest Potential !!!

Palmistry with Tariq Sheikh


Do you want a palmistry, Numerology , Astrology and want to good result from

Palmist Tariq Mehmood Sheikh.

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